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Most people want to write a book, but few ever do.

Are you going to be one of the few who follow their dreams?

Tom Kelso, MD, PhD - Author of the upcoming thriller Stability Island

She immersed herself into the world of my characters. Having prepared herself she then went through the manuscript scene by scene, beat by beat, using the Story Grid method, insuring all requisite scenes were in their proper place. She made sure every scene turned. Her attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. I felt like my book was in the hands of a professional who actually cared about the work. Her enthusiasm never faltered.

Do you want to transform your author dreams into a reality?

Do you long to accomplish something most people would like to do but few ever succeed at? Would you delight in putting a finished book into the hands of those well-meaning family members who currently groan every time you mention your dreams and aspirations? Do you fantasize about having the freedom to spend your days curled up with a laptop, in any locale you choose, doing something you love instead of being stuck behind a desk doing something you hate?

Let Amber help.

Laptop & Coffee


For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your current project.

9490 Remington Dr.
Elberfeld, IN 47613


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